Corduroy Party Ideas

Plan a memorable Corduroy birthday party for your birthday boy or girl! Get create with this classic theme as you plan everything – invitations, decorations, food, activities and more.

Begin by personalizing free Corduroy online invitations and easily add all the important party information your guests need to know – date, time, location, and any other details. This collection of Corduroy online invitations is sure to get your guests excited for the special day! Simply send the free online invitations via email, or share them on social media. Everything is managed online, letting you effortlessly track RSVPs. Punchbowl offers a cuddly collection of Corduroy birthday invitations with something for everyone.

free Corduroy online invitation

Now that you’ve set the scene for your party, it’s time to get started on all the details. Here are a few ideas to wow your guests at a Corduroy themed party:

  • Decorations: Get the kids into the spirit with fun teddy bear party hats! Get some colorful party hats and glue on a brown construction paper teddy bear face onto each. Then, decorate your party space to match! Fill jars with colorful buttons or teddy bear cookies and place them on tables as unique centerpieces. Hang large DIY buttons around the room, made out of colored paper plates with four holes in the center.

  • Button Cookies: What better way to incorporate the Corduroy theme into the party food than by making adorable button cookies? Roll peanut butter or sugar cookie dough into small balls and bake. Once they’re done cooking (and still warm), press a soda bottle cap onto each cookie. When it’s removed, it’ll create a raised edge –  just like a button! Finally, use a toothpick to poke four holes in the middle of each cookie to complete the final look.

  • Party Favor Bags: Find green party favor bags and glue on two buttons to create Corduroy’s overalls. Fill the bags with some fun goodies such as teddy bear cookies, gummy bears, and button candy. What a fun treat to send guests home with!

  • Game: Keep the little ones entertained and busy with Corduroy themed games. Play Pin-the-Button-on-Corduroy for a game everyone can participate in. Print out a large image of Corduroy and make buttons out of colored construction paper. Put tape on the back of the buttons, blindfold the kids, and have each one try to pin the button onto Corduroy’s overalls! Whoever gets their button the closest wins a prize.

  • Craft: Let the kids get creative and crafty as they make their very own Corduroy! Before the party, make teddy bears for each child. Use of brown and green construction paper for his body and overalls. Each child can glue on the overalls, two buttons, two googly eyes, and a black pom pom for the nose – and then draw a mouth to complete their bear!

A Corduroy birthday is a charming theme with so many adorable ideas you can incorporate into the day. Start planning for the special day by creating your free Corduroy invitations.

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