Creative Hanukkah Crafts for Kids

Plan creative Hanukkah crafts for kids to keep the little ones busy during the holiday season. Provide age appropriate Hanukkah crafts, along with the necessary supplies to make beautiful Hanukkah décor. Display the crafts for family and friends to see and celebrate during visits.

Some fantastic Hanukkah craft ideas for kids include:

  • Menorah: Design a beautiful Hanukkah menorah with a few simple supplies: half a paper plate, glue, glitter, white cardstock, red and orange tissue paper, and a large popsicle stick. Place the half paper plate with the rounded part face down. Attach the popsicle stick to the back of the paper plate, in the middle of the rounded part. Make sure at least ¾ of the popsicle stick is visible. Cut nine candles out of the white cardstock paper, and glue them to the top (straight edge) of the plate. Glue them on the backside of the plate, and make sure at least ¾ of the candle is visible. Make stems for all nine candles with glue and glitter. Add flames to the candles with small pieces of red and orange tissue paper.
  • Star of David: Create beautiful Stars of David as Hanukkah preschool crafts. Use popsicle sticks and glue to make two triangles. Place one triangle right side up and the other upside down. Put the right side up triangle on top of the upside down triangle to make a star. Decorate the Star of David with paint, glitter and other fun craft supplies. Tie a piece of fish wire to the top of the Star of David and hang it on a door knob, from a ceiling, or even on the back of dining room chairs.
  • Dreidel: Make decorative dreidels as a Hanukkah kids crafts. Visit your local arts and crafts store, and purchase a wooden dreidel along with paint, paint brushes, puffy paints, stickers, sequins, and glitter. Ask the children decorate the dreidel with the supplies.

Hang the artwork throughout your home and make the kids feel proud of their work. After the holidays, pack up the kids Hanukkah crafts carefully in order to preserve them for next year.

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