Simple Decorations for Fall Party Planning

Gather your friends and family together this autumn for a delightful event and fill the space with beautiful fall party decorations. Incorporate hints of fall colors, fall scents, and fall fun in all of the details.
Start the party off on the right foot with fall party decoration ideas. For example, purchase a room freshener in an apple, pumpkin, or pecan pie scent and spritz it around the house before the party. You can also purchase a festive scented candle and light it a half hour before your guests arrive to fill your home with the delicious smell of autumn. Put together some classic, leafy imagery for the fall party decor to complement the fall theme.
Here are a few more fall party decorating ideas:
  • Fruits of the Harvest: The autumn season is all about bright colors and interesting textures inspired by the fruits of the harvest. Visit your local farm and choose some beautiful pumpkins, gourds, cornstalks, and late summer flowers. Use this simple materials to create beautiful, rustic arrangements. Accent your work with reclaimed wood pieces, ivory candles, burlap, and twine.
  • Coasters: Start with simple wooden drink coasters from any home goods store. Gather some beautiful red and orange leaves from the backyard. Wet the back of each leaf and smooth it onto your coaster with a simple glue and water mixture. Cover the fall decorations with a shellac finish to give the coasters a shiny, colorful look. Select flat leaves to create smooth fall table decorations.
  • Candles: For other fall party decorations, try this DIY idea. Pick some picture perfect fall-colored leaves and pine cones. Glue the leaves and pine cones to the bottom of red, orange, and brown pillar candles. Use the candle decorations as centerpieces on tables or scatter them throughout the party space on end tables.
  • Wine Glasses: Purchase plain wine glasses at your local store and brainstorm decorating ideas. Visit a craft store and buy red, orange, brown, and green paint. Paint pictures of colorful fall leaves on the glasses. Serve wine to guests throughout the party, and hand the glasses out as favors at the end of the celebration.
Lastly, be sure to send online fall party invitations for your celebration. Enjoy your party and celebrate this beautiful, colorful season as it really swings into full effect!
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