Girls Night Out Ideas

After a long week, a girls night out with your girlfriends may be just what you need to relieve some stress! You can catch up, exchange gossip and enjoy one another’s company. There are many fun girls night out ideas that you can choose from for a special night with your friends! Here are some to get you started:

  • Wine Tasting or Tour: This is a fun idea for a girls night out. Check local wineries, restaurants and bars to see if they have any special wine tasting events scheduled. Many liquor stores host wine tasting events too. Afterward, head to a favorite restaurant and enjoy more wine and food with your girlfriends! 

Girls Night Out Ideas

  • Concert: Do you and your friends have a favorite band? Check out their website or fan page to see if they are going on tour anytime soon. Choose a date that works for everyone and book tickets! This type of girls night concert event needs to be planned far in advance, but you can also do a last-minute concert as your girls night out. Check out venues in your area to see what local bands are playing and if tickets are still available.
  • Alias Girls Night: This is a fun alternative to a typical girls night out at a bar. Invite friends over to your house before you go out for the evening. Instruct your friends that they must all adopt a new name and personality while mingling at the bar. The person with the most successful alias at the end of the night wins a drink!
  • Jewelry Making: Give the typical girls night out party ideas a twist. Jewelry making stores are popping up all over the place, so arrange to have all your girlfriends meet at a store and get a lesson. If you do not have a jewelry making store in your town, you can always purchase materials online or in a craft store and make jewelry at someone’s house. Once everyone has completed their jewelry, put it on and spend the rest of night out on the town flaunting your new jewelry!
  • Sports Game: Get tickets to a major league sports game like baseball, soccer, football, etc. Dress up in your favorite player’s jersey or team colors to show your team spirit. Another great idea is to arrive at the game a few hours early and tailgate with your girlfriends before the game starts!

Brainstorm ideas for a girls night out with your friends and try to make it a recurring event so you see each other more often!

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