Graduation Party Decorations

 Graduation party decorations are a necessity regardless of whether you are planning a kindergarten, high school, or college graduation. Graduation themed decorations create a fun, graduation atmosphere worthy of the largest milestones!
 When you plan a party to celebrate your graduate, first think about the type of party you want to host. Do you want to plan an informal graduation cookout or a fancy dinner party at a nice restaurant? Maybe your party will be somewhere in between. However, the key is to think about the graduation decorations that will suit the venue and the theme of the party.
  • Banners: Hang up banners and other signage at your party venue. You can print banners with "Congratulations [Name]” and the year on the banner. You can add other phrases like “You Did It!” Another idea for the banner is to include the school name or a picture of the school mascot. You can even include a photo of the grad in cap and gown!
  • Balloons: Graduation balloons are great decorations for the party because bundles of colorful balloons make any celebration super festive! String three helium balloons together and tie them to the back of chairs. You could also hire someone to make a decadent balloon arch for the entranceway of the party. Other great high school graduation party supplies to get for the party are balloons in the graduate’s school colors. Also include one or two large Mylar balloons that say “Congradulations” or “Go Grad!”
  • Videos/Pictures: A great way to personalize the graduation party for the graduate is to decorate with photos and videos. Make a photo collage of the graduate throughout their life. You can also make a video montage of the graduate’s baby pictures and other important milestones. This will be a great keepsake for the graduate to remember their special day!
  • Sign In Board: Place the graduate’s photo in the center of a white poster board. Have your guests sign in and write special messages for the graduate to read after the party. If you want, the sign in board can also be a great way to add some color and excitement to the party. Have your guests write down their favorite memories or funny stories of the graduate to read out loud and share at the party! Save a bundle of balloons to tie to the sign in board so guests can't miss it!
  • Mini Graduation Caps: If you are feeling creative, these graduation party supplies also make great party favors! To make them, you will need an egg carton, thin sheet of cardboard, ribbon, marker, paint, and glue. Cut a single cup from the egg carton to make the bottom of the grad cap. Then, cut a four inch square out of the sheet of cardboard to make the top of the cap. Glue the two pieces together. Once it is dry, paint it in the school colors of the graduate. Once that has dried, glue a small piece of ribbon to the top of the graduation cap. Use a marker to write the graduate’s name, school, and graduation date. Make as many graduation caps as you have guests coming to the party. Place each mini graduation cap at the dinner table as a place setting for the guests to take home!
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