Graduation Party Food

 Planning a the menu for a graduation party? If you're starting your planning with your graduation party menu, it may feel overwhelming. It's often easier to start with a party theme, then consider the foods that work best with the theme. Or, choose a venue, then you might have the menu decisions made for you.
 Here are some tips for graduation food ideas to help make your graduate’s big day a success:
  • Catering Decisions: If you're not hosting the graduation party at a restaurant or venue, decide whether you want to have the party catered or if you want to do the cooking. To inform your decision, take a look at your guest list. Think about how many people will be attending the party and if you can cook full amount of food needed for the party on your own. If you are worried about not having enough time or space, look into getting your graduation party catered. Another great graduation food idea is to set up the party as a potluck and ask your family members to sign up to bring a food item!
  • Party Timing: What time is the party? Based on the timing of your son or daughter’s graduation, you could host a weekend brunch, afternoon barbecue, or late night dinner party. Plan a graduation food menu based on what your graduate would also prefer for their party because they will probably want to make plans with their friends as well to celebrate their big accomplishment. Here are some graduation party food ideas for whatever type of party you decide to host:
  • Weekend Brunch: A brunch is a great idea for a graduation party to get friends and family together. Set up a large buffet table full of delicious breakfast foods such as eggs, sausage, bacon, and French toast. Put out a variety of lunch foods as well like sub sandwiches and salads.
  • Afternoon BBQ: A backyard barbecue is a great idea for a laid back get together with friends and family. Serve hot dogs and hamburgers as the main entrée with lots of great fixings. Be sure to have a variety of side dishes such as pasta salad, potato chips, salad, and beans.
  • Dinner Party: If you are having a larger graduation party, a dinner party is a great way to make sure that everyone can attend because many people are busy during the day. For an evening or dinner party, set up a Mexican taco bar for your guests to make their own tasty dinners. Other great graduation party foods are pasta, pizza, sushi, or lasagna. Set up a buffet table full of the graduation party foods or you could also have a sit down dinner with all of your guests.
  • Delicious Desserts: Don't forget about dessert! Dessert is an important conclusion to any meal, especially at a graduation party! Surprise your graduate with a decadent graduation cake from your local bakery. If you have time, you could also bake a cake or cupcakes on your own to serve at the party. Other great dessert ideas are s’mores, ice cream, or personalized chocolate bars.
 Hopefully these graduation food ideas are enough to get you started in your menu planning and will have you well on your way to hosting an unforgettable graduation celebration!
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