Hanukkah for Kids

When planning a holiday party this year, make it revolve around a Hanukkah for kids celebration. Focus on activities to keep the kids busy while helping them to learn about Hanukkah traditions. Potential ideas include reading a book about Chanukah for children, playing music, performing a play, and lighting the menorah.

Get started with these Hanukkah activities for kids:

  • Book: Gather the kids together to listen to a book about the story of Hanukkah. Pick a book specifically for young children meant to educate and entertain them. Encourage the kids to ask questions at the end of the story and let them expand on their thoughts about Hanukkah.
  • Music: Play traditional Hanukkah music and plan Hanukkah activities that involve dance and movement. Provide musical instruments such as maracas and drums to encourage the children to participate in the fun.
  • Play: Write a play about the story of Hanukkah and have the kids perform it during the Hanukkah party. Provide a homemade set, script and costumes for the play. Give the kids time to rehearse in advance and allow them to use the script during the play if necessary.
  • Menorah: Make it a Chanukah for kids and involve them in the lighting of the menorah. Have the adults help the younger children and be sure to recite the Hanukkah prayers.
Make Hanukkah all about the kids and help them to understand the history and meaning of the holiday. Clarify that Hanukkah is not based solely on eight nights of gifts. Make it a point to sit down with the kids each night before they receive their presents and educate them about about the history of the holiday and their religion.
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