Hanukkah Gifts for Kids

Start your search for Hanukkah gifts for kids early and get the best selection. Consider the age, gender, likes, and dislikes of the children. For even more ideas, ask the parents, or children themselves about preferred presents.

Take advantage of these spectacular Hanukkah present ideas for children:

  • Books: Visit the bookstore and select a group of books as a Hanukkah gift for a kid. Ask a store associate about well-known, popular books for specific age groups. Choose a theme for the books based on the recipient’s preferences. Purchase a variety of books with specific themes such as animals, mysteries, cooking, craft projects, or coin collections.
  • Music: Take a trip to your local music store and pick out some CDs for the kids. Research what type of music they like in advance. Purchase music as a perfect gift for a teenager. As another option, give a gift card to purchase music online.
  • Electronics: Keep up with the times and purchase the latest popular electronic gadget as Chanukah gifts for kids. Consider accessories for the computer, laptop, or television. Upgrade the kids to the newest music player.
  • Games: Visit your local toy store and search for Hanukkah present ideas for children such as games. Consider board games, card games, and video games. Check the child’s collection of games in advance to avoid repeats.
  • Craft supplies: Purchase supplies from your local craft store for fans of arts and crafts. Include items on your list such as coloring books, stickers, card stock paper, paint, crayons, glitter, and glue. Organize the craft items in a plastic container and personalize the front with the child’s name.

Make a list of Hanukkah presents for kids in advance and stick to it when at the store. Avoid wavering from the list and keep to your set budget. Include gift receipts with all of the presents just in case they need to swap sizes or return the gift.

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