Hanukkah Window Decorations

Dress up your home for the holidays with Hanukkah window decorations. Choose from gel stick-ons, stained glass applications, or homemade arts and crafts to hang in front of the windows. Recruit the kids to help for lots of Hanukkah window decoration fun!

Ideas for Hanukkah window décor include:

  • Gel Stick-Ons: Create a beautiful Hanukkah window display with gel stick-ons. Purchase the stick-ons at your local party store. Clean the window and once dry, start to apply the stick-ons. Select shapes such as menorahs, candles, dreidels, and the Star of David. For those with little kids, choose non-toxic stick-on options.
  • Arts and Crafts: Make window decorations for Hanukkah by using homemade arts and crafts ideas. Sit the kids down at the table and entertain them with an art activity that will also decorate the windows. Let them have some fun with a homemade stained glass kit. For another arts and crafts idea, supply foam shaped menorahs, candles, and dreidels, and have the kids make collages to hang in the windows.
  • Menorah: For a simple idea, display lighted Hanukkah window decorations such as a menorah and candles. Avoid a fire hazard and purchase a menorah with LED lights for candles. “Light” the candles based on the particular night of Hanukkah and display the menorah in the window for a decoration.

Incorporate the traditional Hanukkah colors, blue and white, in the window decorations. Add a little pop of something sparkly and include some silver accents as well.

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