Holiday Crafts for Kids

There are so many creative and fun kids holiday crafts ideas that you can easily enjoy at home with just a few basic supplies and some imagination! Gather everyone together to spend some quality time away from television and computer screens this year. Create beautiful crafts that you can display in your home for holiday decorations.

Here are some of the best holiday craft ideas for kids:

  • Cotton Ball Santa: The supplies for completing some original Christmas crafts for kids can be found right in your own closet. To create a cotton ball Santa all you need is a paper plate, cotton balls, construction paper, markers, a pair of scissors and some glue. Have kids draw Santa’s face on their paper plate and then cut out a hat from red construction paper. Glue one cotton ball to the tip of the hat and add more for the trim. After you attach the completed hat to the plate, give Santa a big white beard and moustache made of cotton balls.
  • Pine Cone Trees: Another idea for holiday crafts for kids is to make homemade pine cone trees. For this project you will need a pine cone (gathered on a nature walk or purchased at the local craft or decor store), playdoh or mini pots, green paint, glitter and some beads or sequins. First stand your pine cone upright using either a small ball of playdoh or a mini planting pot as the base. Paint the pine cone green and let dry. Kids can then decorate their small Christmas trees with glitter, beads, sequins and add a small star to the top.
  • Coffee Filter Snowflakes: These will look great hanging in the windows or on the mantle! Fold coffee filters into thirds or quarters and create your snowflakes by cutting small shapes along the folded edges with scissors. To add some color to your snowflakes, you can dip the folded filters into colored die to achieve a cool tie-dye effect. See how many different patterns you can create!
  • Reindeer Puppets: Kids can easily make their own characters for a holiday puppet show. A brown paper lunch bag can serve as the body of your reindeer, while antlers can be made by tracing two hands on red construction paper. Cut them out and glue or tape the hand prints behind the reindeer’s head. You can either draw on the face or use silly googly eyes and a pom pom for the nose (red if it’s Rudolph!). Let kids invent a story for their characters and perform it for friends or family.
  • Holiday Garlands: Trim your home with homemade holiday garlands made from either popcorn or paper. Pop a big batch of popcorn (make extra to snack on!) and thread the kernels onto strands of thread using strong craft needles. Another option is to create rings out of strips of colorful construction paper, link them together and hang them around the house.

These kids holiday crafts are a wonderful way to make your own decorations and treats, while also creating memories and traditions to celebrate the season. Remember to send one of our FREE holiday party invitations to kickoff your celebration!

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