Holiday Table Decorations

Entertain at your house this season and impress your guests with beautiful holiday table decorations. Take advantage of these fantastic holiday table decoration ideas for your party planning delight. Incorporate colorful homemade table ornaments, sparkly snowflakes, and beautiful flowers.
Fill the party with these holiday table decorating ideas:
  • Table Ornaments: Make beautiful ornaments to adorn your holiday table. Purchase around twenty Styrofoam balls in a variety of sizes, a can of hairspray, and glitter. Purchase red, green, and gold glitter for Christmas decorations, and blue and silver glitter for Hanukkah decorations. Mix up some simple craft glue and water. Coat each Styrofoam ball with a thin layer of the glue and water mixture. Next, roll it in the glitter of your choice, and set it to dry on a toothpick stuck into a sponge. Once your homemade table ornaments are dry, set the glitter with some hairspray. Once you’ve created your ornaments, arrange a handful of each in a set of large glass vases. Visualize the ornaments in large glass vases next to lots of simple white candles in crystal candlestick holders or votive holders. Picture the gorgeous warm light at the dinner table as the colorful holiday ornaments reflect off of the glass.
  • Branches with Snowflakes: Purchase decorative branches from your local craft store and spray paint them silver. Use stencils to make snowflakes out of poster board or foam board. Cut them out and cover them in silver glitter. Arrange the branches in glass vases, and use fish wire to hang the snowflakes from them.
  • Flowers: Decorate with traditional holiday party table decorations such as vase full of flowers. Select deep color flowers such as red, orange, and purple. For a night time holiday party, place colorful LED lights in the vase to make the water give off a festive color.
Make sure not to make the centerpieces too tall, as guests will want to chat throughout the holiday party at their tables. Kickoff your own holiday celebration with this beautiful, free Christmas party invitation.
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