Kentucky Derby Party Decorations

Encourage guests to get into the Kentucky Derby spirit by going all out with Kentucky Derby party decorations. Purchase Kentucky Derby decorations for the tables and surrounding areas. Get in touch with your creative side and design a garland of roses to keep with Kentucky Derby tradition. Satisfy your sweet tooth by visiting your local chocolate shop to order Kentucky Derby themed figurines. Display the figurines at the party for guests to enjoy.

  • Table Decorations: Purchase plates, napkins and cups that say, Kentucky Derby. Accent cocktails with a Kentucky Derby swizzle stick. Scatter Kentucky Derby balloons throughout the room, and place Kentucky Derby coasters on furniture.
  • Hat Display: Of course, guests will want to wear their beautiful hats to your Kentucky Derby party. However, hats make a wonderful Kentucky Derby decorating idea as well. In advance of the party, purchase several hats to decorate with colorful ribbon, flowers, and other accents. Then, choose one wall on which to hang the hats. Not only are the hats beautiful to display, but the overall effect of the hats on the wall will look like spectators in the crowd at Churchill Downs! Make sure to use removable hooks to hang the hats so you don't add more holes to your wall.
  • Arrangements of Roses: Visit your local florist and select a few dozen roses. Choose red for a classic palette, or brighten your party space with a variety of pastel colors. Create a garland of roses to drape, a wreath of roses to hang, or arrangements of roses for your centerpieces.
  • Chocolate Figurines: When picturing the Kentucky Derby, two thoughts that come to mind are the Kentucky Derby trophy and Churchill Downs racetrack. Work with a local chocolate shop to design chocolate figurines of both the racetrack and the trophy. Ask the bakery to decorate the chocolate trophy with edible gold spray paint. Order the Churchill Downs racetrack with exquisite details, such as the steeples. Place both the chocolate trophy and Churchill Downs racetrack on display at the Kentucky Derby party.
  • Mint Julep Bar: Incorporate the famous Kentucky Derby drink—the mint julep—into your Kentucky Derby party decor. Set up a dedicated bar area with fancy glasses for guests to grab their mint juleps during the party. Use green balloons or crepe paper to decorate the mint julep bar. You can even make a little sign for the bar if you're feeling inspired!
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