Mother's Day Gift Baskets

 Mother’s Day gift baskets are a great gift to give to all of the mothers that you know. Whether someone is a brand-new mom or a grandmother, Mother’s Day is the one day a year to show her just how really special she is. Here are some terrific ideas for what to put into a Mother’s Day gift basket!
  • For the Wine Connoisseur: Tuck mom's favorite type of wine into the Mother’s Day gift basket plus a kind that she's always wanted to try. Do some research about the wine and find yummy foods to pair with it. In general, artisan cheeses, fresh preserves and gourmet crackers go wonderfully with most wines. Add these foods to the gift basket along with a set of cheese spreaders and bottle opener.
  • For the Chocolate Lover: Know a mom with a weakness for chocolate? Give her a decadent chocolate Mother’s Day basket for all of her hard work! Use a variety of her favorite gourmet chocolates plus some unusual choices that she has never tried before. Truffles, chocolate covered pretzels, almond clusters and chocolates with fruit fillings are all great choices!
  • For the Beach Mom: This is a great Mother’s Day gift basket for any mom who loves to go to the beach! Fill up the basket with sunscreen, a new pair of sunglasses, snacks, a collection of magazines and a big, fluffy beach towel. Purchase a bag of shells from a craft store and hot glue them in a pattern on the outside of the basket. If the beach or pool she likes to go to requires a membership or pass, consider splurging on that too!
  • For the Green Thumb Mom: For this Mother’s Day gift basket, fill it with various gardening tools and supplies that she can use in her garden - gardening gloves, pruning shears, hand shovels and potting soil. Taking care of a garden isn't just about the plants! Tuck in some insect repellent, a travel mug for tea, a knee pad or a wide-brimmed hat to keep out the sun. Other great garden-related items to put into her Mother’s day basket are an outdoor thermometer, gardening books and a watering can.
  • For the Film Buff: This gift basket idea is great for a mom who loves movies but can’t always find the time to watch them. Put two movie tickets in the gift basket for her and a guest to use and a free night of babysitting gift certificate. This is a thoughtful gift that gives mom a night out to enjoy herself. Additional ideas are to purchase copies of her favorite movies on DVD or sign her up for a movie rental service!
  • For any Mom: Everyone needs some pampering once in a while. Fill a gift basket with all the relaxation essentials: bubble bath, loofah, scented shower gel, a handmade soap, her favorite body lotion, nail polish, luxurious facial cream and an eye mask. Scatter in some scented candles, various tea bags, a book and a CD of calm, instrumental music into this Mother's Day gift basket and she'll be all set to put her feet up and relax. 
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