Pinkalicious Birthday Party Planning

A Pinkalicious birthday party is a terrific birthday theme regardless of whether or not you and your child are already fans of the book, Pinkalicious by Elizabeth Kann (illustrated by Victoria Kann). There are so many wonderful Pinkalicious birthday party ideas that are inspired by the book, however you can also supplement those Pinkalicious party ideas with some of your own to plan a truly memorable birthday for your little girl!

Here are some fun and easy ideas to get your Pinkalicious birthday party planning off to the right start: 

  • Invitations: Choose Pinkalicious birthday invitations that fit the theme of your party. Punchbowl offers a beautiful fairy princess design (shown below) that fits nicely with the Pinkalicious party theme. On your Pinkalicious party invitations make sure to include the key detaiils of the event as well as anything special that you want the girls to bring to the party (ie If they should get dressed up).

  • Decorations: Decorate the Pinkalicious birthday party tables with pink linens and cover with lacy overlays or doilies. Add some pink confetti in varying shades of pink! Also, since Pinkalicious was mistaken as a pink peony, make a lovely centerpiece of peonies surrounded by floating craft butterflies, bees and birds.
  • Guest Attire: On your Pinkalicious birthday party invitations, ask guests to wear pink from head to toe! Then, when guests arrive in their beautiful pink outfits, you can hand out accessories as such as pink jelly bracelets, pink glow necklaces, etc.
  • Menu: Serve a pink table of food and include watermelon, strawberries, pink bubblegum, pink jello and pink grapefruit. Also set up a green table of food (once you read the book, you’ll know why) and include relish, spinach, olives and Brussels sprouts. (The girls may not eat this, but it sure will be fun-Yuck!)
  • Dessert: When considering Pinkalicious birthday party ideas, don't forget to incorporate the theme into the dessert table. In fact, you can make the dessert table the focal point for your party space. Serve pink cupcakes topped with loads of creamy pink icing and a cherry on top! Display the cupcakes on pink or white cupcake stands surrounded by other pink desserts such as cookies, strawberries, lillipops, and gumballs—the more pink, the better!
  • Activity: The most imporant Pinkalicious party idea is to read the story at the party! The girls will giggle as the book comes to life before their eyes. This is a great activity since all the girls may not be familiar with the story. Plan to read the book at the beginning of the party or after lunch.
  • Favors: For Pinkalicious birthday party favors, give fun golden crowns and star wands just like Pinkalicious. You can even have the girls decorate their crowns and wands as a party activity. Just set up a table with glue and decorations such as jewels, glitter, ribbon, etc.

There is inspiration all around us, especially the books kids read! Get your creative juices flowing with clever 4th Birthday Party Planning and free online invitations and host a Pinkalicious party!

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