Plan a Booming Duck Tales Birthday Party

Host a birthday party fit for the richest duck in the world with a DuckTales theme!  Punchbowl can help you plan a fun and exciting party with this exclusive, free DuckTales online invitation featuring your favorite characters — Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie — as well as inspiration for your party decorations, food, activities, and more.

DuckTales Online Invitation for Birthday Parties

Personalize your DuckTales birthday invitation with the guest of honor’s name, party date, time, location, and any other details you would like to include. Once you’ve personalized your design, conveniently share your invitations via email or social media to let your guests know about your upcoming party.

Here are a few more exciting ideas for a DuckTales birthday party:

Duckburg Decoration: Decorate your venue with red, blue, and green banners, balloons and streamers to represent Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Scatter fake paper money and gold coins throughout the party space as a playful allude to Scrooge McDuck’s fortune. As an added touch, tape yellow duck prints made out of construction paper around your party space.  If your celebration is outside, you can even consider using spray paint or chalk to draw the duck prints. Your guests will think that they have ventured right into Duckburg with all the DuckTales themed decorations!

Fun Food: Keep the hungry ducks fed with creative and fun snack ideas. You can have fun with labeling your food: place a “Duck Beaks” sign next to a bowl of cone-shaped chips, a sign that says “Duckie Eggs” next to a tray of deviled eggs, and a “Quackers and Cheese” sign next to tray of cheese and crackers. The kids will want to dig right in!

DuckTales Birthday Party Ideas

Quackin’ Activities: Set up a fun arts and crafts station for the kids where guests can make their own little duckies out of paper bags. Paint paper lunch bags and coffee filters yellow, making sure to cover the entire surface with the yellow paint. Have guests cut the coffee filter in half and glue them to each side of the paper bag to create duck wings. Set out plenty of orange construction paper, for beaks, and googly eyes for guests to glue to the paper bags. Your guests will have fun playing with their DIY duck puppets, and their creation will double as a fantastic party favor to take home.

Plan an action-packed Ducktales themed party that the guest of honor will love. Create your free DuckTales online invitation, and start planning your party today!


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