Plan a Sports Themed Birthday Party

sports themed birthday partyIf your child loves all things athletic, then a sports-themed birthday party is the perfect idea! From basketball to baseball to hockey, you can customize the theme based on what the guest of honor loves to play. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Invitations: Save time and energy when you send an online invitation for your party! Customize all the details of the party and manage all the guests and their comments – all online. Include information that everyone will need, such as date, time, location, and more. Easily track RSVP’s as they roll in, and get excited for the party!
  • Decorations: A sports-themed birthday party requires a lot of team spirit! Cover the walls with festive decals from your child’s favorite sport or team and string team colored streamers around the party space (it’s also fun to twist a few colorful streamers around one another and attach one end to the ceiling and the other to the floor to create a “wall” of color). Choose solid color tablecloths, plates, and more, to accent the space with groupings of sports equipment (a baseball glove and ball, a net full of soccer balls - then donate all equipment to Good Sports after!).
  • Party Menu: Make the guests feel like they are at a real sporting event. Choose a menu of favorite ballpark and stadium snacks like hot dogs, soft pretzels with a variety of dipping sauces, a nachos station, and lemonade. For dessert, serve a themed cake or cupcakes along with kettle corn and a pick-your-own-candy table. Guests will love the variety!

Plan a Sports Themed Birthday Party

  • Activities: Use the sports theme of choice and play a game outside, weather permitting. You could also organize a few contests based around the sport. For example, a football throwing relay race will get all guests involved! If your only options are indoors, here are a few ideas: baseball cap decorating (or jersey) station, pennant decorating, a foosball tournament, indoor bowling, a scavenger hunt or watch a live game on TV and root for their favorite team!
  • Gifts: There are so many sports-themed gifts that might be brought to the party! Have a table ready to display until it’s time to open them. Or, you could choose to host a “no-gift party”, where guests instead donate money to your child’s charity of choice.  For example, Good Sports is a national non-profit that donates sports equipment, footwear and apparel to disadvantaged youth who will be the recipient of donations from your party! In lieu of gifts, guests may make a financial donation or bring a piece of sports equipment to be donated. Download this one-page PDF to learn more about the organization.

A sports theme can be easily customized to fit just about any birthday boy or girl. And, partnering with an organization like Good Sports is a meaningful way to do some good as you host a fantastic party that everyone will remember. Get your child involved and let them track how many donations they receive for their charity of choice!

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