Plan a Thrill-Seeking Blaze and the Monster Machines Birthday Party

Celebrate your thrill-seeking birthday boy with a Blaze and the Monster Machines themed birthday party! Punchbowl can help make your party a monstrous hit with free Blaze online invitations, as well as creative ideas to host the perfect event. Simply choose your favorite Blaze online invitation to get started.

Customize your Blaze online invitation with the guest of honor’s name, party date, time, location, and any other details you’d like to include. Once you have personalized your design, you can quickly and conveniently share your invitations via email or social media. Get ready for a blazing birthday celebration!


After you send your invitations to your adventure-loving guests, focus on the party essentials to bring your Blaze theme to full throttle. Here are a few ideas to get your wheels turning:

Fuel Station: Make a “Fuel Station” where your guests can recharge and refuel. Set up three beverage dispensers with Gas (sweet tea), Anti-freeze (lemonade), Oil (water), and Coolant (blue punch) for your partygoers to choose from. At the Fuel Station, offer your guests mini chocolate doughnuts as spare tires, pretzel sticks as dipsticks, and cheddar cheese triangle crackers as road cones.   

Blaze Photo Booth: Use cardboard to make a simple DIY Blaze photo booth that is perfect for fun photo-ops. Draw the outline of the front of a car onto a large piece of cardboard, and cut out the shape. Once you have created your car cut-out, you can cut out the front windshield to provide an area for your guests to pose for pictures. Paint the cardboard bright red like Blaze, and glue eyes, a mouth, and a front grill to your photo booth. Decorate the area with checkered flags and cardboard street signs.

Obstacle Course: Satisfy your guests’ need for speed with an obstacle course fit for the fearless. Set up the raceway with six inflated pool floats (to look like tires!) lined up next to one another in two lanes. Split your guests into two teams and have them take turns racing each other through the tires to the finish line. The first team to reach the checkered flag finish line wins!

Take your guests on an exciting ride with a Blaze themed birthday party. Our collection of free Blaze online invitations will help you make it a monstrous event for your Blaze-loving birthday boy.  

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