Plan a Wondrous Winnie the Pooh Birthday Party

Get inspired by a classic children’s story with this Winnie the Pooh party theme! Punchbowl can help you plan a whimsical birthday party for your little one, beginning with an adorable free online invitation featuring your favorite characters. These designs are also perfect for baby showers!

Punchbowl now offers free Winnie the Pooh invitations, perfect for a birthday boy or girl (or mother to be) who loves classic characters and well-told stories.

This first Winnie the Pooh online invitation in our collection has a soft yellow honeycomb design paired with a vibrant green, which you can incorporate into all your party decorations. The honey bees that Pooh loves so much also make an appearance with a honeycomb-patterned envelope liner and bumble bee postage stamp. 
Or, customize this adorable Winnie the Pooh online invitation featuring the whole gang - Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore. 
You won’t need to “think, think, think” too hard – all you need to do is fill out the party details like the guest of honor, date, time, and location. Once the design is finished, send your invitations via email, text, or share through social media. Join Pooh and all his friends with a playful birthday party or baby shower planned to perfection.

Once your guests RSVP and you have a rough head count, it’s easy to start planning the details. Here are a few ideas for a fanciful Winnie the Pooh birthday party:

  • Explore the Hundred Acre Woods: Like a traditional scavenger hunt, but with a Winnie the Pooh twist! Ahead of time, make a number of paper bumble bees using construction paper and markers. Hide them around the party space, and set the little explorers free! Whoever collects the most bees wins!
  • Serve Themed Snacks: Serve mini peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and mini carrot cupcakes in honor of Rabbit. Another fun snack is honeycomb treats! Use a rice krispie bar recipe,  but swap the rice krispies for honeycomb cereal.
  • Bounce Like Tigger: Think of an old-fashioned potato sack race, but without the sack! Guests line up and stand with their feet together. Staying in this position, they must bounce like Tigger, hopping all the way to the finish line! Play the song “The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers” during the race.
This next design  feature classic storybook artwork as Pooh and Piglet frolic about. Punchbowl offers two options – blue or pink – to perfectly suit your Winnie the Pooh birthday party or baby shower. This pink Winnie the Pooh online invitation, with a playful Pooh and Piglet gathered around the honey pot.
After the celebration, send Winnie the Pooh Thank You eCards to let guests know how much you appreciate them attending. Personalize the cards and send via text or email in minutes.

And for a Winnie the Pooh baby shower, here are few easy ideas to incorporate the theme throughout the celebration:
  • Favors: Give guests mini jars of honey with a wooden honey dipper. Include tags with cute saying such as “Love is sweet” or “You’re so sweet for joining us today!”
  • Food: Use a bear shaped cookie cutter to create themed finger sandwiches for guests to enjoy. This can also be used to make Winnie the Pooh cookies, of course!
Create your free Disney online invitation, and start planning your party today! For even more fanciful Winnie the Pooh party ideas, be sure to visit Disney Family.
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