SpongeBob Party Ideas

Dive under the sea with a SpongeBob party! This classic theme is an awesome way to celebrate any boy or girl. There are many creative ideas you can incorporate into a SpongeBob party to make it a special birthday. Bring a taste of Bikini Bottom to your party!
Set the scene by customizing and sending SpongeBob birthday invitations. Guests will love these vibrant online SpongeBob invitations. Begin by adding the date, time, location, and other important party details to these free SpongeBob invitations. Punchbowl makes it quick and easy to send them via email, share them on social media, and check the RSVPs! Our vibrant SpongeBob collection includes a bunch of different designs to choose from.

free SpongeBob online invitation

Here are some more tips for throwing an impressive SpongeBob Square Pants party:

  • Decorations: Bring the SpongeBob party to life by making guests feel like they’re under the sea! You can find all the SpongeBob party supplies you need right here on www.punchbowl.com. Welcome guests to the party with a Bikini Bottom sign in the shape of a Lifebuoy! Pineapples and vases filled with gummy hamburgers serve as great centerpieces for each table.

  • Food: There are lots of ways to get creative with food for a SpongeBob birthday. Sandy Cheeks’ Acorn Treats are a delicious and fun snack. All you need are mini nutter butters, hershey kisses, and chocolate frosting to stick the nutter butters and chocolate kisses together. Create your own Krusty Krab with some Krabby Patty burgers! And ocean water is the perfect refresher for the youngsters. Provide any tasty blue drink, like Kool-Aid, Gatorade, or Hawaiian Punch, and label it as ocean water.

  • Crafts: Create your own colorful jellyfish to make it feel like you’re under the sea. Tape streamers to balloons and hang the balloons to create a Jellyfish Field! You can also make cute party favors out of a candy kids love. Cut out pictures or make them yourself of Gary the Snail, and place them on gum rolls to make the snail’s body.

  • Game: It’s important to keep the little rascals entertained! Play Pin-the-Tie-on-SpongeBob by creating a big poster of SpongeBob and cutting out little ties. Blindfold the kids and have them attempt to stick the tie on him! Coconut Bowling is another fun idea.  Make the pins out of water bottles and cover them with green and brown construction paper to make palm trees. Use a coconut in place of a ball.

Plan a wonderful party with a theme kids love. Enjoy getting a taste of Bikini Bottom with your birthday boy or girl! Customize a SpongeBob online invitation to get started!

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