Spring Party Themes

Think up some fun spring party themes to celebrate the season with family and friends. Consider themes for spring parties such as a spring cleaning yankee swap, a spring gardening party, a spring recipe party and a spring mixed drink party.

Spring party theme ideas:

  • Spring Cleaning Yankee Swap: A spring cleaning yankee swap party is a fun and exciting spring party theme. The idea behind the theme is for guests to bring an unwanted item from their homes (as a result of spring cleaning) and trade with a guest at the party. Set an average price range for the items, such as $10. The items can be anything from a picture frame to an unused candle. Plan the spring cleaning yankee swap the same way as a typical yankee swap. First, instruct guests to place the wrapped items on a display table. Next, draw numbers for each guest. Start with the lowest number first. That person will pick a gift and open it. The person with the next number will then select a gift, open it and decide to trade or keep the gift. At the end of the game, the person with the lowest number will choose from all of the gifts.

  • Spring Gardening Party: A spring gardening party theme is perfect for spring themed parties. At the party, have each guest decorate a pot and then plant spring flowers. Supply guests with clay pots, paint, paint brushes, potting soil, gardening gloves, a variety of flower seeds and water. Have the guests paint and decorate the pots first. While the pots dry, serve appetizers and drinks to guests. Once the pots are dry, have the guests plant their flowers.

  • Spring Recipe Party: A spring recipe party is a great way to show off your cooking skills to guests, and also gain some cooking knowledge of your own. On the invitation, ask guests to bring a spring dish to the party, such as an appetizer, main course or dessert. Notify guests in advance that you will ask them share their recipes with other guests at the party. It is important to give guests advance notice about sharing recipes, as they may choose to keep family recipes a secret!  

  • Spring Mixed Drink Party: A spring mixed drink party is one of the most enjoyable spring party themes for adults. Hire several bartenders for the evening, and have each of them set up a separate bartending station either in a house, a backyard or a venue. Ask the bartender at each station to serve a different drink, and to post the name of the drink and also the drink recipe in clear view for guests. At the end of the evening, have guests vote in order to determine the favorite drink of the evening.

Fun spring themes make spring celebrations even more exciting than just simple gatherings with family and friends. Take your guests’ preferences into consideration when planning events. Low key and traditional guests will have different preferences than outgoing extroverts.

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