St. Patrick's Day Party Planning

St. Patrick’s Day party planning doesn’t have to stressful. The spirit of the holiday is to enjoy classic Irish traditions, feast on Irish grub, and drink lots of Irish beer. You can enjoy all of these things as you host a fabulous St. Patrick’s Day celebration for your friends and family.
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Here's a checklist that will ensure your St. Patrick’s Day party goes off without a hitch.

Send invitations 3 to 4 weeks before your party

Customize online St. Patrick’s Day invitations and send by text or email well in advance of the event. This will ensure that your guests have enough time to respond and clear their schedules for your St. Patrick's Day party. It also gives you a better idea of the actual number of attendees that will be at the party. 

Get decorations 2 to 3 weeks before your party 

Decorations, decorations, decorations! To execute any fabulous party, you need your party space to fun and festive. For St. Patrick’s Day decorations, focus on Irish-inspired things like shamrocks, leprechauns, gold, and anything green. If you plan to serve food, make sure that your flatware is holiday appropriate as well. Green plates, cutlery, cup, and table covers are all necessary. 

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Send reminders 3-5 days before your party

It's always a good idea to send guests a reminder about your St. Patrick’s Day party. In addition to serving as an excitement-builder, a reminder gives you an opportunity to make party-related announcements about parking, directions, etc. It is also important when you host a potluck party so the guests make sure to remember what they signed up to bring! Simply go to the "Invitations Option" page in your invitation and easily set up an automatic reminder to go out before your party date.

Buy food one to three days before the party 

Depending on what you plan to serve and what you need to make in advance, buy the food for the party only a couple days before the event. This will ensure that you have the freshest ingredients AND it means you won't need to empty out your refrigerator or freezer to accommodate the party food. That said, prepare as much in advance as possible to avoid added stress on the party day. The best things to cook in advance include baked goods, casseroles, stews, and drink garnishes. Check out these St. Patrick's Day food ideas, desserts, and cocktails.

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Create a party playlist one or two days before the party 

Music is an essential component of a St. Patrick’s Day party. One to two days before the day of the party, create a playlist with Irish/Celtic-inspired music. This will enhance your St. Patty's Day celebration and make your guests feel like they are in Ireland. Check out these St. Patrick Day songs for inspiration.

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