Host a Star Wars Party

 Do you need a unique party theme for your next birthday celebration? Plan a Star Wars party! This theme is great for boy’s birthday parties or even avid adult Star Wars fans. Plus, with so many Star Wars party ideas that can make this theme come to life planning your decorations, birthday cake, and invitations will be a breeze. Here are a few helpful ideas to help create your Star Wars birthday party.
  • Invitations: Start by sending out free Star Wars Rebels invitations. Choose from many Star Wars Rebels online invitations featuring all of your favorite Star Wars characters! Include important information like time, date, location and more – all online!
  • Decorations:  Decorating your party space is the key to transforming any birthday party into a themed party. Decorations for your Stars Wars party should focus on the space theme. Things like planets, stars, and spaceships will help tie everything together. A stellar idea is to hang cardboard cutouts of stars and planets on your walls. For an added effect, cover your walls with black sheets to make it look like outer space. If possible, also try finding Star Wars party supplies like Star Wars toys, action figures, plates, cups, and napkins. These items are all great additions to add to your tablescapes.
  • Birthday Cake: Once your decorations are in place, its time to think about the birthday cake. You can either have a professional create a Star Wars cake or make your own. If you decide to make your own, just make a classic layer cake and decorate the top with a few Star Wars action figures. If you can’t find any authentic Star Wars accessories, improvise and use space-inspired decorations like shooting stars, spaceships, and aliens.
  • Theme Games: A Star Wars party isn’t complete without playing Star Wars party games. Having games is essential if your party is for a boy’s birthday party. Have all the guests try this quiz to figure out their Star Wars character. Or add a Star Wars twist on a classic party game as an easy way to incorporate your theme. A great example of this is the game “Simon Says.” Instead of having the commands given by Simon, name him Darth Vader and have the commands be related to Star Wars.
  • Party Favors: Star Wars party favors as a fabulous way to complete your theme birthday party. A great idea for this is to give out small Star Wars action figures, trading cards, or stickers and candy in small bags. It’s a gift that any Star Wars fan will love.
Tying in the Star Wars theme into every aspect of your Star Wars party will ensure that your child’s birthday is out of this galaxy. Get started by customizing dynamic, free Star Wars invitations
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