Survivor Party

Love the tv show Survivor? Throw a survivor party to celebrate a special birthday! Survivor has been one of the most popular television series over the past decade and is the perfect party theme for any avid fan. Here are some easy, fun, and creative Survivor party ideas to help you plan your celebration.

  • Invitations: Survivor is very well known so do what you can to incorporate the Survivor theme into your invitations from the get go. For example, choose a design that is jungle or island inspired. To further communicate your Suvivor theme party on the invitations, invite your guests to a Survivor party on “mysterious island” and ask them to wear island clothing (short, sandals, hats). This sets the tone for your party and gets the guests excited for what might be in store for the event.

  • Decorations: There are so many Survivor party decorations that you can find that will enable you to transform your plain party space into an island oasis. You want your guests to feel like they have stepped into a real episode of Survivor on an exotic island, so start by making a “Welcome to…” (make up an island name) sign at the entrance of your party. Put additional signs throughout the party with survivor references, such as tribal council, castaway, or survivor Island. If you plan to host the party outdoors, create an exotic island ambiance with tiki torches (after all, fire represents life on Survivor!).
  • Party Menu: For your Survivor party menu think of items that are island influenced. Anything cooked on a grill or barbequed is ideal. Dishes like barbequed chicken and pork, grilled shrimp, and grilled vegetable skewers are great entrée ideas. Also, grilled fruits are tasty and unique way to put on a spin on sweet items. Pineapples, mangos, and apples are three fruits that work well on the grill and taste delicious. For drinks, think of any thing tropical, refreshing, and fruity. Some classic cocktails that work for the theme include mai tai’s, sea breezes, and frozen daiquiris. For an added touch, serve the drinks in hallowed out coconuts with cocktail umbrellas.
  • Activities: You can’t host a Survivor party without any Survivor party games. Draw inspiration for activities from the actual show with challenges, teams, and eliminations. A great Survivor game to play is an island obstacle course. Divide the party into two teams either randomly or by gender. Set up an obstacle course with challenges like balance beams, brainteasers, puzzles, and rope tying. Be creative with the space you have for each obstacle, but the possibilities are endless. At the end of the obstacle course, the winning team gets to remain on the island and the losers are eliminated.
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