Thank You Note Etiquette for eCards

Thank you note etiquette is important to keep in mind when you sit down to send your free eCards after a special occasion. Just because you don’t have time to shop for stationery, find a spare stamp, and mail a handwritten note, doesn’t mean you can’t be the perfect model of manners. A thank you note for someone who gave you a gift, hosted an event, or provided valuable assistance shows your appreciation and gratitude. Etiquette for thank you notes isn’t particularly complex, but there are a few key principles to think about.

 Here are four tips for writing free thank you eCards:

  • One good turn deserves another: Do you need to send a thank you note after a dinner party at your best friend’s house? How about for the cute picture frame your mother-in-law gave you during your last visit? There are times when it’s obvious that a thank you note is necessary—after formal events like a baby shower, for example—but then there are all the small, everyday occasions that fall into more of a gray area. According to strict thank you notes etiquette, you don’t need to send a thank you for a gift you received in person, but that seems to miss the point. Thank you cards are about recognizing someone’s generosity or thoughtfulness. When in doubt, err on the side of over-thankfulness and send a free thank you eCard. The neighbor who walked your child home from the bus stop on the day you were running late, or the coworker who brought you coffee on a dreary day will appreciate your words of gratititude.
  • Sooner is better than later, but better late than never: As a general rule of thumb, thank you notes should be sent within one week—seven days or less from when the event occurred or you received the gift. That being said, it’s never too late to show your appreciation. Remember that with thank you free eCards, your greeting is delivered immediately, which is a convenient option if you’re running behind.
  • How to write a thank you note: A proper thank you note will have at least four sentences in its message. Write what you’re thanking the recipient for, why you appreciate it, how you’re going to use the gift or remember the special event, and how it made you feel. Be careful not to get bogged down in talking about yourself or adding any life updates. If you received money as a gift, don’t name the amount. Simply refer to it as, “the generous gift.” Here is a sample thank you note for inspiration:

    Dear Mary Ann,

    I cannot thank you enough for hosting Jonny’s birthday party at your farm. It was an incredibly special afternoon and everyone keeps calling me to say how much fun the kids had riding the ponies. Jonny can't stop talking about it, and I know he will always remember his "real cowboy birthday"! I feel so lucky to have you for a friend.


  • Add a personal touch: The key to thoughtful and creative thank you notes is personalizing them. Choose a design that matches the personality of the recipient. A uniform message might be okay to thank guests for attending an event, but for gifts you receive at a birthday or special event, make sure you write to everyone individually. Address your note to the individual, couple, or family, and don’t forget to sign your name at the end. Even though the recipient will see the email is from you, make sure you include a proper closing to your note. For something extra special, add your own photo to your eCard to show the recipient how their gift is being used.

With a little effort, you can write thoughtful thank you eCards that really show you care. The recipients will love receiving a digital greeting card and reading what you have to say!

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