Top Digital Holiday Card Trends

Wondering what the top holiday card trends are this year? We have them! Our design team has created a collection of unique digital holiday card designs that incorporate some of the most popular design trends we've seen in years.


Decorating with chalkboards and chalkboard paint is a huge interior design trend. Why limit the chalkboard design aesthetic to the home? That's why we've created chalkboard-inspired digital holiday cards! Our chalkboard holiday cards incorporate handwritten typography and illustrations that offer a touch of whimsy and schoolyard charm.

Send your chalkboard holiday card with a photo or without a photo, then customize it with a personal message that will look as though it's written on a chalkboard.

Chalkboard digital holiday card design

 Chalkboard photo card design 

Modern Retro

As the name suggests, retro modern style is a fresh take on the design elements we associate with vintage posters and fashion. Bold icons, banners and prints, old school fonts, and limited color palettes create simple and striking designs.

Choose one of our free modern retro digital card designs as your holiday card this year!

   Modern Retro holiday card design   

   Free modern retro holiday card design   


Ombré is defined as "having colors or tones that shade into each other." It's a trend that began with celebrity hairstyles, and quickly made its way into textiles and interior design. A color graduated from light to dark helps guide the eye and adds dimension.

Choose one of our ombré holiday card designs to experience this trend for yourself!

Ombre digital holiday card


Explore all of our digital holiday cards to find the right one to express your holiday wishes. Once you choose a design that catches your eye, customize your card with a photo and heartfelt holiday message.

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