Traditional Cinco de Mayo Music

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration full of food, dance, and music! Traditional Cinco de Mayo music consists of many genres of music including mariachi, meringue, salsa, and Latin. These styles of music range from strolling stringed instruments of mariachi bands to the fast, upbeat music that people love for dancing!

Traditional folk music in Mexico is classified as an ensemble, or group of musicians. A mariachi band is a popular style of Mexican folk music that consists of violin, guitar, trumpet, and vihuela instrumentalists. In fact the word “mariachi” comes from the French for marriage, “mariage.” Mariachi bands consist of at least five musicians that wear charro suits. Other popular Mexican folk music styles are Banda, Ranchera, Norteño.

Today, Latin American music is also popular to listen and dance to in Mexico. These genres of music are fast arrangements with a strong rhythm. Various dances have also emerged to accompany the music including meringue, salsa, rumba, cha-cha-cha, and mambo.

If you'd like to incorporate traditional Cinco de Mayo music into your fiesta, consider hiring a mariachi band to play at the party. You can also create a festive party playlist to set the tone for your event.

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