When to Host a Graduation Party

If you know someone graduating soon, you might be wondering when to host the graduation party. Choosing a date for a graduation party can be more challenging that you think. For middle and high school graduations, there are often numerous other kids having a party on the same day (usually day of the graduation or the day after).

If you're dealing with a college graduation, there could be a number of other issues. Are your home and the college miles apart? What are the graduate's plans after college? Are they coming home or staying in the area where they went to college? 

So when is the best time to host a graduation party? Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you decide on possible dates for the graduation party:

  • An afternoon graduation party the day of the graduation could be a lot of work because as soon as the graduation is over you will have to race right back to the house to make sure everything is ready to go.
  • Because May and June are usually pretty full of graduation parties, an alternative is to host the graduation party in August. In the case of a high school graduate, it will be closer to the college move in date and can be combined with a going away party or Trunk Party.
  • Spring is a busy time for non-graduation related celebrations, like Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Memorial Day weekend. Guests may have plans during these weekends so it's another reason to check with guests before finalizing the date. 
Once you've got your date set, send out beautiful, customized graduation party invitations 4-6 weeks in advance and watch the RSVPs roll in!

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