40th Anniversary Party Decorations

Planning a 40th wedding anniversary party? This is a big milestone is any couple's life and you want to do it right. Incorporate a variety of 40th anniversary party decorations throughout the space to make it more festive. Milestone anniversary decorations will help transform the party into a nostalgic and intimate event. See our 40th wedding anniversary decoration ideas to help organize your party planning:

  • Theme Colors: Before you pick out 40th anniversary decorations, decide on theme colors. Chose two to three main colors that you want use in all of your decorations, flowers and accents. A great idea for picking theme colors is to choose the couple's favorite colors or use the theme colors from their wedding.
  • Lighting: One important - and often overlooked - aspect to any party décor is the lighting. Make the party space look romantic with soft lighting in honor of the happy couple. One of the best ways to do this is with indirect lighting. If the party is outdoors, use light fixtures like paper lanterns or hanging lights. If the party is indoors, use candles and tea lights.
  • Welcome Table: A huge goal of the 40th wedding anniversary party decorations is to honor the happy couple. Have a welcome table at the entrance of the party with a guest book and photos of the couple throughout the years. Accent the table with a candle and flowers in the party theme colors.
  • Centerpieces: At each table, display 40th wedding anniversary themed centerpieces. Put together flower arrangements that accent the theme colors. Make the centerpieces unique by adding a 40th anniversary sign in the center and tie ribbon around the vase. Include a framed photo of the couple at each table.
  • Banner: A banner is a great way to honor the happy couple for their milestone anniversary. Make a custom banner that reads: “Happy 40th Anniversary Mike and Sally!” It makes the party more personal and the couple can take it home with them as a keepsake.

Some other 40th wedding anniversary decorations to include at the milestone celebration include balloons, streamers, party hats and noisemakers. Make sure all of these items match the theme or colors of the event so that everything ties together.

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