3 Tips for Hosting a Jack & Jill Baby Shower

A co-ed "Jack and Jill" baby shower is a great way to get the father-to-be and male family and friends involved in celebrating the new baby. It can still be classy and fun, but it will just be a little less "cutesy" than a typical all-female shower.

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Here are a few tips for throwing a successful baby shower that both sexes will enjoy: 

  • Incorporate a theme into your baby shower to get away from the all-pink or all-blue decorations that will make your male guests roll their eyes. Some fun theme ideas for a Jack & Jill shower are safari, nautical, or sports. 
  •  Remember that most men have larger appetites than women. The typical finger sandwiches and light appetizer menu commonly served at baby showers will not suffice for your male guests! Cranky, hungry men are the last thing you want on your hands, so plan a menu that will satisfy everyone. A buffet is a good option as the men can take as much as they want while the women can go light if they want.
  • Shop for party favors and game prizes that appeal to everyone. Be sure to choose items that both men and women will be able to enjoy, like DVDs, restaurant gift cards, or food and beverage favors (a mini bottle of champagne, perhaps?). 
  • As with favors, you'll want to come up with games that appeal to both sexes. For example, think about how guys get into their fantasy football or fantasy baseball leagues. A baby pool will be right up their alley!
Ultimately, a Jack and Jill shower is meant to prepare the new parents to welcome their new bundle of joy. Often times the baby shower is when things really sink in. It will be a time for them to get great advice from friends and family who have been in their shoes, and they'll bring home much-needed baby stuff!
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