Baby Shower Game Ideas

Just like a bridal shower, a baby shower usually incorporates amusing baby shower games to entertain guests beyond just watching the mommy-to-be open presents all afternoon. A lot of people actually look forward to the games and expect that you'll play at least a couple.

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 Here are a few baby shower game ideas as well as a few ideas for door prize games:

#1 Don’t say "baby”
To play this baby shower game give each guest a diaper pin to wear on their shirt when they arrive. Instruct each guest not to say the word "baby." If they say the word “baby” another guest can take their pin, working both ways if they hear someone else say it. At the end of the shower, the person who has the most diaper pins wins!

#2 Baby Shower Price is Right
Gather about fifteen or twenty different baby items—everything from a pack of diapers to a teething ring to a jar of baby food. Have guests write down what they think each item costs. At the end of the game, the person with the most correct answers wins a prize. As for the mom-to-be, present her with the game goodies in a big basket!

#3 Baby Pool 
Create a baby pool to have guests make their picks for when the baby will actually arrive, the baby's weight, and the sex of the baby, if it's not known. Use poster board or a whiteboard to create a chart that looks like a calendar. To be safe, make the calendar for two weeks before and two weeks after the due date. Have guests write their picks right on the calendar.

Door Prizes
In addition to baby shower games, people often like to give door prizes just for attending. A fun way to tie in the door prizes with the baby shower is to come up with things that relate to the baby. For example, give a prize to the guest whose birthday is closest to the baby's due date. You can also give a prize to the person with the most grandkids or the person who most recently gave birth.
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