25 Days of Holiday Memories | Day 17: Share Holiday Treats

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Day 17: Share Holiday Treats

Day 17 of our 25-day challenge is an opportunity to get (and give!) a taste of the holiday season. Today, we’ll focus on how to spread cheer with your favorite holiday recipes.

“In our family, the holidays are a time for warm kitchens, laughter, holiday music, and the sweet aroma of baked goods filling the air,” say Neg & Mel, aka The Dovas, and our special co-hosts for today’s challenge. “We cherish the tradition of gathering around the counter, mixing bowls in hand, as we create delicious treats to share with loved ones.”

Food is a very important part of any holiday tradition. Familiar cuisines and desserts can bring a sense of comfort, nostalgia, and joy to those that make and eat them. With this in mind, your assignment today is to share holiday treats. 

Take a moment to think about what your favorite holiday food is. Whether it’s a recipe that’s been passed down for generations, a dish trending on TikTok, or something you buy every year from a local bakery, plan a day to purchase or make it yourself. Once the homemade or store-bought goodies are in hand, place them on a festive disposable plate with plastic wrap or in cellophane treat bags tied with ribbon, cute cookie tins, or dessert boxes with display windows. 

Now comes the fun part – sharing! Below are a few places you can bring your treat. 

  • Workplace: Be the Office MVP and surprise your colleagues with something to nibble on throughout the workday. 

  • School: Swing by the staff room at school dropoff so teachers and administrators can indulge on their break. 

  • Neighbors: Drop off a few packages with a little note for those that live nearby. 

  • Fire or Police Station: Surprise your local civil service workers with a sweet treat to say thanks.

Holiday treats are the perfect way to share your love and appreciation this time of year. Believe it or not, this small act of generosity and kindness can truly brighten someone’s day.

Follow The Dovas to see what they’re cooking up in their kitchen today, and tell us what treat you plan to share this year. Post with #25DaysofHolidayMemories and tag our family of brands @punchbowl @timehop and @trymemento for the chance to be featured.

Check the box on Day 17!  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s assignment, where we’ll share ways to connect with loved ones near or far with a fun and relaxing activity.

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