25 Days of Holiday Memories | Day 13: Cue Up a Holiday Movie

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Day 13: Cue Up a Holiday Movie

Break out the popcorn and cozy-up on the couch! On Day 13 of our 25-day challenge, we dive into how we can use the silver screen and sitcoms to get into the seasonal spirit.

Today’s assignment is simple. After dinner tonight, snuggle up on the couch and cue up a holiday movie, special, or TV show to embrace all the cozy vibes of the season. It’s the perfect way to escape, unwind, and boost your dopamine. In the spirit of making memories, share this experience. Watch with family members or roommates in person, kick off a teleparty, or text a running commentary to your favorite group thread.

Here’s a little inspiration for what to watch tonight:

  • New Holiday Movies: Get ready to embrace those warm fuzzy feelings with new holiday specials and movies. Whether it’s a cheesy rom-com, fun animation, or light drama, check out these New Christmas Movies & Specials on Netflix or the Hannah Waddingham: Home for Christmas special on Apple TV+.

  • Classic Holiday Movies: Everyone should know that any time a bell rings an angel gets its wings. Rewatch an old favorite and reminisce about the first time you saw it, introduce a film you love to your kids and start an annual viewing tradition, or find a classic that you’ve never seen before. Here’s a list of 14 Classic Christmas Movies to help get you started. You can also check out these lists of Christmas movies on Hulu and Christmas movies on Amazon Prime.

  • Holiday TV Episodes: Who wouldn’t want to spend time with their favorite TV characters during the holidays? Whether you don’t have time for a full movie or just really want to see Chandler dressed as Santa and Ross as a Holiday Armadillo, check out 35 of the Best Christmas and Holiday TV Episodes of all time.
New holiday films, familiar favorites, and seasonal sitcoms can evoke a wide range of emotions and reactions: nostalgia, laughter, happy tears, comfort, hope, and joy. Pause for commentary, and debrief about your favorite scenes and characters with your fellow viewers. These small, shared experiences are a big part of what the holidays are all about.

And that’s a wrap! Day 13 of the 25-day challenge is complete. Check back tomorrow to celebrate Throwback Thursday in a fun way. 

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