25 Days of Holiday Memories | Day 4: Research Holiday Outings

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Day 4: Research Holiday Outings

Day 4 of our 25-day challenge reminds us to set aside some time to participate in the holiday festivities that our communities have to offer. Today, experience the joy and magic that comes with local seasonal celebrations.

November and December are chock-full with holiday activities, performances, music, crafts, and more. These experiences are a wonderful way to build shared memories with your family & friends. Take a moment to research holiday outings. Look for a local event that piques your interest and get it on your family schedule so that you can carve out time to have a little fun. A quick internet search is the easiest way to look for events, but it doesn’t hurt to ask a few friends to see if they know of any interesting activities nearby.

Here’s a list of activities to consider: 

  • Menorah Lighting Ceremony
  • Tree Lighting Ceremony
  • Holiday Show (like the Nutcracker or a Christmas Carol)
  • Choral Performance 
  • Zoo Lights
  • Christmas Market/Bazaar
  • Holiday Movie Screening
  • Holiday Train Ride
  • Breakfast with Santa
Whether it’s an activity you do every year or something completely new, take time today to plan a holiday outing. Rally a group to go with you (send a free online invitation if it's a large group), and be sure to take lots of photos to document the memories.

Day 4 is finished! Tomorrow we continue the 25 Days of Holiday Memories countdown with an opportunity to partake in a bit of seasonal silliness. 

More ways to participate in the 25 Days of Holiday Memories:

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