A Black Tie Halloween Party

Add a sophisticated twist to Halloween this year and throw a black tie Halloween party. Plan a formal Halloween party with fancy details. Select formal invitations with a Halloween theme. Decorate the room with elegant decorations covered in cob webs. Serve delicious food and name each menu item with a Halloween-inspired name. Finally, plan an activity to entertain your guests.
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Black tie Halloween party ideas will elevate your Halloween party to a more formal affair. Check out the ideas below to get you on your way to planning a black tie Halloween party:

  • Venue: Find a venue that will hold all of your Halloween party guests. Consider a hotel banquet hall or big club with lots of open space. If you want to go all out to make your black tie Halloween party an affair to remember, work with a professional party planner. They will help you find an appropriate venue that meets your needs.

  • Invitations: Use an elegant online Halloween invitation to invite guests to the Halloween party. Include details such as the name, date, location and time of the party, and the black tie dress code. Send your invitations via email or text in minutes and gather RSVPs online. To give your black tie party a Halloween twist, require silly formal wear such as dusty tuxes with sequin bow ties for the men and cobweb-filled dresses for the ladies.

  • Decorations: Create beautiful decorations for your black tie Halloween party. Cover the tables in black lace table cloths. For centerpieces, purchase formal candelabras and cover them in cob webs. Decorate guests with boutonnieres and corsages. Greet attendees at the door with custom-dyed red roses for the boutonnieres and black roses for corsages.

  • Menu: Skip the sit-down dinner and instead serve hors d’oeuvres and cocktails as the main food and drink. For example, make stuffed mushrooms that look like eyeballs. Another appetizer idea is shrimp and cocktail sauce (“guts”). When you talk to a caterer, request that the servers walk around with platters to serve the appetizers to guests. Include labels on the platters with the names of the appetizers. Ask the bartender to set up drink stations and serve cocktails with spooky names. For example, ask him to call red wine “vampire blood” and tell him to call margaritas “witches brew.” For dessert, make a red velvet cake with white frosting and red sprinkles to highlight the cake’s red color.

  • Activity: Hire a photographer to snap pictures of the fancy Halloween party. Create a special Halloween scene as the backdrop for the perfect photo opportunity. Set a dinner table with a fancy black lace tablecloth, candlesticks and a chandelier with cobwebs. Create two table settings with silver dishes and crystal glasses filled with red wine. You can also place Halloween-themed props next to the photo area so guests can have fun in their photos.

  • Favors: Leave the party guests with a favor to remember the black tie affair. Have the photographer’s pictures developed and place them in fancy frames for guests. Place the frames in gift bags and stuff them with tissue paper. Then, tie a fancy ribbon around the handles. Pass out these bags to the guests when they leave the party.
Add “fancy” and “Halloween-like” touches to transform any old decorations, food, activities, and favors into items appropriate for a black tie Halloween party to remember!
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