Halloween Finger Foods

Having a Halloween cocktail party this year? Then you’ll need some Halloween finger food recipes to nourish your famished and frightened guests!

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Use Halloween finger food for party snacks that won’t require the same amount of preparation as a sit down dinner would. Instead, buy or prepare dishes full of finger foods for Halloween and hire wait staff to pass them out throughout the party. You can also just place platters of Halloween finger foods on a table so that guests can eat them buffet-style. If you need some Halloween finger food ideas, look at the list below:

  • Crudité fingers: Make a platter full of crudité “fingers” and dip. Place some carrots, celery, etc. on a dish. Next, dunk the ends into different kinds of dips, like ranch dressing, hummus and yogurt dip. This way, the dip will look like a “nail” on the crudité finger!  
  • Mini cupcakes: Buy or make bite-sized cupcakes with frightful Halloween decorations on them. This Halloween finger food is delicious and beautiful. It will definitely add a sweet touch to your Halloween party!
  • Marshmallow ghosts: Create silly marshmallow ghosts using marshmallows and chocolate chips. Simply take a marshmallow and press chocolate chips into it for its eyes and mouth. Voila! A Halloween finger food in no time.
  • Chicken fingers: Serve mini chicken fingers for a delicious food whose name is a play on words. Serve with "blood" (ketchup) or "goo" (honey mustard) for an added twist.
  • Graveyard cookies: Buy cookies that look like gravestones, such as Milanos. Then, use chocolate icing to decorate them and write things like “RIP” on them.
  • Mini mummy pizzas: To make a mini mummy pizza, start with a mini bagel half. Then, slather on some red pizza sauce (any marinara sauce will do). Next, place two black or green olive slices toward the top of the bagel for eyes. Then, zigzag long strips of thinly sliced mozzarella or string cheese across the front—this will be the mummy wrapping. Toast the bagel until the cheese is slightly melted and serve! Make sure not to leave it in the oven too long, otherwise the cheese will melt too much and lose its shape!
  • Fingers in a blanket: Make pigs in a blanket that look like fingers! To do this, all you need to do is make sure that the dog does not peek out from both sides of the bread. Instead, start to wrap the bread around the hot dog at one end until only the top part peeks out. This will look like a finger and a nail!
  • Gummy worms: Fill a bucket with different kinds of candy, like gummy worms, candy corn, etc. People will be sure to snack on these sweets all night!
These are simply a few ideas to get you to think about festive Halloween finger foods. Before you think about your menu, be sure to send Halloween invitations online to set the stage for your event and easily gather RSVPs in minutes. Happy Halloween!
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